Benefits of Using a Payroll Card

A payroll card is really just a pre-paid card, much like a gift card. An employer sends an employee a payroll card with their weekly salary after they have submitted their paycheck. The card is then treated just like a debit or credit card and doesn’t need a bank account to back it up. Rather, payroll cards are simply pre-approved for funds before the employee receives them. The benefit of this type of payment is that the employee doesn’t have to wait for their check to arrive at their workplace, instead they can go right on it and use the money that they are entitled to.

Many employers find payroll cards to be very beneficial for their employees. Since most employees do receive a weekly paycheck, some employers don’t even bother with issuing checks. Instead, since most employees don’t bring in their own money, it’s usually easy for employers to just issue a single payroll card to each of their employees. This cuts down on paper and printing costs, and it makes tracking expenses much easier for employers. Read on to discover more.

Another reason why many employers prefer to issue payroll cards instead of paper checks is because of lost wages. Most people who lose their job don’t realize how much money they actually make until they get laid off. When an employee loses their job, they are usually able to deposit their money in their bank account but most of them forget about it until their next paycheck arrives. If they were to use their regular checking account, they would need to provide a bank statement to prove that the money they are owed actually belongs to them. With payroll cards, this isn’t a problem because the amount of money they owe can easily be verified.

In addition, most people don’t even realize that most of the time when they use these cards online, they are really making transactions with the website and not the company they are working for. Because of this, there is always a chance that your information is being stolen. Although this has rarely ever actually happened in the past, it is still a risk that employers take by issuing these cards. For this reason, most payroll cards today come with detailed reports that detail all transactions that occur during the week. The purpose of these reports is to ensure that no one has any unauthorized access to one’s personal data. Here are some information to check out:

Employers may also benefit from having these reports available because of tax regulations. Under the current laws, payroll taxes are based on the last date that you actually deposited your wages. Therefore, if you forget to file your tax return until the last day of the month, the taxes won’t be due until the following month. By offering employees payroll cards that have electronic deposits, the employer is not liable for tax-related issues if they do their paperwork on time.

Employers who prefer to not offer a payroll debit card are still able to use this option. They simply must debit the balance of the account each pay period. After all, they are only responsible for depositing the money into the account. This is why many banks and other financial institutions only offer payroll debit cards to businesses. This is to ensure that they receive the money that their employees have earned and not lose out on any interest or fees should the employer do not submit their tax reports on time. You can get the facts here.

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